What we do

  • Envisioning churches through Foundational bible studies, training in resources mobilization, stakeholders’ analysis, relationship building, community description, information gathering and analysis, action planning and implementation and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Promoting good catchment management practices:- Bench terraces, soil and water conservation channels and percolation pits with hedge rows, energy saving stoves and tree planting
  • Promoting conservation farming through Farming God’s way for sustainable land use management and food security
  • Improving sanitation and hygiene through promotion of safe excreta disposal, hand washing at critical points of contamination and safe water chain to ensure that water is safe from point of collection to point of consumption. This is also charged with mobilization of communities to participate in construction of hardware facilities.
  • Increasing access to safe water services for water stressed communities by construction of 2 gravity schemes 70 tapstands, 20 institutional tanks (20,000 - 50,000 ltrs), 20 protected springs, 80 ferrocement tanks (4000ltrs) and ensuring continued functionality per year.
  • Convening and participating in learning fora, budget conferences, advocacy workshops, joint reviews, thematic learning groups and trainings in climate change adaptation at District, Regional and National levels.

Every year we serve averagely 30,000 people with a total budget of Ugx 1.7 billions


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