How has this changed people’s lives

  • Improved health due to reduced diseases prevalence, reduced burden of water hauling and increased safe water consumption
  • Improved household incomes because time saved in water hauling is used for production and controlled run off is used for watering animals and crops and brick making
  • Increased school attendance for children as having water sources near and reduced water related diseases.
  • Improved social cohesion as a result of all people working together for a common goal
  • Reduced soil destruction by controlling erosive water run offs and promoting good farming practices

Summary KDWSP Achievements since KDWSP Inception in 1986

Kdws has constructed 56 Gravity flow schemes, 1050 protected springs, 202 Institutional Rain Water Tanks (20,000 – 50,000ltrs), 1759 Ferrocement Tanks (4000 ltrs), 470 Rain water Jars (1500lts), 13410 Rain water Jars (420 ltrs), 660 Bio-sand filters, 496 artisans have been trained in different rain water harvesting technologies, 5300 Sanitary plats and 5300 tippy taps made and supplied to communities. KDWSP has responded to disasters of torrents of mud slides and floods through construction of soil and water conservation channels, bench terraces, percolation pits and forestation initiatives.

All these are in addition to software interventions and  trainings in sanitation and hygiene, water safety plans, community led total sanitation, environmental protection, integrated development, management and sustainability, family planning, HIV/AIDS, food security, community led advocacy initiatives and resources mobilization all aimed at holistic transformation of society.


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