Success Stories


Generous Kyomuhangi

\r\nkigexi-watsan8It was a beautiful morning when I moved up the steep hill with JohnBosco, the chairman Water and Sanitation Committee in Birambo. We moved for one and half kilometers to be welcomed by smiling faces beamed with gratefulness and satisfaction.\r\n\r\nGenerous assisted by her aging mother welcomed us inside their living room and shared with us good stories of transformation since they got the rain water jar and later on the rain water tank installed at their home.\r\n\r\nGenerous Kyomuhangi 42, is a tenth born of 14 children born to Mrs. Georgina Kahesi 85, with her late husband Cosia Kahesi. Of the 14 children, 6 died and of the remaining 8, 7 are married with their spouses and children in their families. Generous disabled as she is could not get married and stays with her two children in her mother’s home…Read More\r\n

Hope revived and improved health for an HIV/AIDS infected couple

\r\nHope revived and improved health\r\n\r\nEmily 31years is a mother of three children aged 15, 12, 10 years residing in Kamwirima village Kanjobe parish, Kyanamira sub-county, in Kabale District. Emily got married to Turyareeba 15 years ago when he had lost his first wife to HIV/AIDS.\r\n\r\nEmily learnt in marriage later (through rumours) that the husband had lost his first wife to this deadly disease-something that threatened her marriage for long and lived under stigma. “Never take our children for HIV/AIDS testing because I don’t want to hear that they are HIV+ like us or else I will commit suicide if you do…” Van cautioned the wife during the days when stigma was in advanced stages…Read More\r\n

God’s favour upon me

\r\nAlice Nziguyenda is a blind widow at 85 wife to Eldad Nziguyenda (RIP), who was a Church leader in his time. By the time of his death, he left me with John and Emily who were 23 and 21 respectively and five orphans of Geoffrey, our first born who died in the war in the neighbouring country of Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. Today I live with these orphans Tom 27, Kate 25, Marion 22, Baker 19 and Apollo 15. Tom and Kate have married and trying hard to grow in the relationships and the rest are in School with support from compassion international…Read More

Betty appreciates the water facility that save her from a round trip of 5kilometres  on steep to a water source