Generous Kyomuhangi

\r\n\r\nIt was a beautiful morning when I moved up the steep hill with JohnBosco, the chairman Water and Sanitation Committee in Birambo. We moved for one and half kilometers to be welcomed by smiling faces beamed with gratefulness and satisfaction. Generous assisted by her aging mother welcomed us inside their living room and shared with us good stories of transformation since they got the rain water jar and later on the rain water tank installed at their home.\r\n\r\nGenerous Kyomuhangi 42, is a tenth born of 14 children born to Mrs. Georgina Kahesi 85, with her late husband Cosia Kahesi. Of the 14 children, 6 died and of the remaining 8, 7 are married with their spouses and children in their families. Generous disabled as she is could not get married and stays with her two children in her mother’s home. Two men took advantage of her situation and out of that she got one Kyokutangaza Gordon 6 in Primary one and Ayamba Deniez two and half years. She has raised these Children out of difficulty and she is grateful to those that have touched her life. Also with them is Hillary Aryatusinguza 17, who does most of heavy work in the home to benefit the vulnerable members of the family. John is the elder son to Georgina and helped to offer unskilled labor and carrying building materials to the construction site of these rain water facilities in their home.\r\n\r\nKigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme came to Birambo in 2014 when with a gravity flow scheme intervention to provide clean water to the community because the round trip to clean water in some segments of community was 4 kilometres and for Generous they would walk for 3 kilometres. this project brought clean water into 300 metres access to the family but because this was one of the special interest families with disabled Generous and elderly Georgina, they were seconded by the community for a special rain water intervention because their home is at a higher altitude and could not flow water by gravity to a tap in this home.\r\n\r\nIn 2014 KDWSP constructed a functional and well looked after 420lts jar and later on 4000lts rain water tank in March, 2015 to make sure that the family has sufficient water to take care of the needs.\r\n\r\nGeorgina is too old and needs help to walk around the compound. She is a God loving granny who appreciates the love of God through supporters of Kigezi Diocese Water and sanitation that has enabled them to get clean water at home. She recalls the bad days when they would boil sweet potatoes for super without washing them and going to bed without washing the dirt on their feet from the graden. She recalls how hard it was to get clean water to drink at her old age because she would only rely on kind people to draw water for her. She would rarely bathe and wash clothes because the little she would get would be for more critical purposes like drinking and cooking food for some days.\r\n\r\nGenerous was born armless and without legs too. Later on she developed very short and small legs like 1 ft long. She can waeve her clothes and also can wash herself in an incredible way and she thanks God who provides the means for her to get all that she can get could not get by herself. She is thankful to Kigezi Diocese water and sanitation programme and her development partners for providing clean water to their home. She is happy that her 6 year old boy who started fetching water for the family at the age of 4, can now get water so easily to the Kitchen, bath shed and house for granny and mother.\r\n\r\nIn her words ‘ if I met those that supported us with these facilities, I would thank them for clean water that is easily accessible’. We use three jericans a day for washing clothes and food preparation. We are happy we wash sweet potatoes, house cleaning and we thank the local Church and the community for identifying us and endorsing us to the development partners for these facilities.\r\n\r\nI thank you and may God bless you.\r\n\r\n