Who we are

Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme (KDWSP) is a Faith Based Organization aimed at meeting the needs of the rural poor and water stressed communities in Diocese of Kigezi, in SW Uganda. Since its inception in 1986, KDWSP has evolved and grown from grace to grace in providing safe clean water to rural communities of Kigezi. KDWSP is reputed for meeting water stressed communities at the point of need for clean water and sanitation services.\r\n\r\nKabale District is characterized by an undulated terrain with heights ranging from 1,800 m.a.s.l. in certain places, to 2,200 m.a.s.l. in others, with typical slopes of 42⁰. These kinds of slopes are not favorable for agriculture because they do not allow sufficient infiltration. This, coupled with loss of vegetation cover, causes high rates of runoff which results into soil erosion and mudslides. The innovation will promote slope stabilization technologies like back terracing, gulley treatment and application of mulching and promoting agro forestry.\r\n\r\nFarming, traditionally has been perceived from the perspective that when crops are planted, it will rain and their crops will grow, and they have survived on it without much innovation. However, with changes in the climate and especially rainfall patterns and intensity, the crop yields have greatly reduced and whereas people realize that this is a problem, they do not have the knowledge or the means to address this problem. The innovation will endeavor to change the attitude and increase knowledge in adaptation strategies for these changes\r\n\r\nThe programme has since focused on rural communities and has to date facilitated access to clean water by constructing 51 gravity flow schemes, protecting over 920 springs, providing 435 community tanks (up to 100m3) and over 9,000 household jars (420l each) in over 86 rural communities.\r\n\r\nThe achievements to date have been spearheaded by a KDWSP Unit at the Diocese and trained women groups and artisans. Over-all 29 women groups have been trained in ferrocement tank construction and 82 artisans from the 8 Districts of South Western Uganda in rain water harvesting technologies. In addition, the programme has trained two other organisations in rain water harvesting namely, Two Wings Agro forestry Network (TWAN) in ferrocement tank construction and CARITAS of Kabale Diocese (Roman Catholic) in rain water harvesting jars construction.\r\n\r\nThe KDWSP embarked on constructing Rain Water Harvesting Training and Research Centre for South Western Uganda at Rwakaraba in Kabale Municipality with the purpose of imparting the knowledge and skills of rain water harvesting technologies. The first phase was completed with the construction of training hall and construction of demonstration water facilities. The outstanding construction includes construction of office, class room block, kitchen, dining hall and dormitories.\r\n\r\nKDWSP is one of the founder members of Uganda Rain Water Association (URWA) and Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) and continues to serve on governing bodies of the two networks in various capacities. Currently KDWSP is serving as chair of URWA for the second term

Ulrich assisted by the Bishop George  commission a tap  installed at Maziba HC 4